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There are many types of plumbing pipes for residential or commercial buildings. Plumbing pipes such as PEX, Copper, and PVC are normally used depending on their application (hot, cold, sanitary, rain etc) and the location in which they are installed.


Copper Pipes (Metal)

The copper pipes are proven standard for reliability since the 1960s. they do not prone to leaks in plumbing. extreme durability Fitting stays tight and sturdy over a period of time. they pipe will... Read More
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CPVC Fittingss for Plumbing Pipe, Size: 1/2 inch

A pipe is a method used to pass information from one program process to another. Unlike other types of interprocess communication, a pipe only offers one-way communication by passing a parameter or... Read More
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Cross-Linked Polyethylene or PEX Pipes (Plastic)

Cross-linked polyethene pipes are best for retrofits. They are extremely versatile and can snake through walls easily and can extend across the house with one piece of PEX pipe. they could be used ... Read More
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Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes or PVC Pipes (Plastic)

Polyvinyl chloride pipes do come with extremely good quality. they are not rust, corrode, or degrade over time of period. very good for your home’s sink, toilet, and bathtub drain lines or vent sta... Read More
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