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Sliding Door Wardrobe

The Sliding Wall Storage Cabinet makes a statement when it comes to strength and durability, and is engineered to stand up to heavy use. Featuring reinforced, adjustable shelving and pad-lockable handles, the cabinet protects your valuable equipment and helps keep tools safely out of harm's way.


Mirrored Sliding Door

These wardrobes provide dual purpose – first the efficient storage and second a full-length mirror for makeup or dance rehearsals. The mirrored glass panels are safe to slide. Also, mirrors give th... Read More
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Multi-Panel Sliding Door

Multi-panel sliding doors let you mix and match different colors for greater customization. They are paired with silver frames and tracks. Read More
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Vinyl-Covered Sliding Door

The doors of these wardrobes are gyp rock panels covered with vinyl for a smoother and glossier look. They are coupled with aluminum frames and tracks. Because, these doors are very light weighted,... Read More
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