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Explosive Substances Approval

Explosives are solid, liquid, or gaseous chemicals that can cause a sudden, almost instantaneous release of pressure, gas, and heat when subjected to shock, pressure, or high temperature. Their acquisition, storage, use, and disposal are highly regulated, and these materials demand the highest safety precautions. Approval is granted under Explosive Act 1884. Licencing authority will grant a licence after checking the purpose and is satisfied with the person to whom it is to be granted. The authority can deny licence when licence required is for prohibited explosive or believes that the act/person isn't fit for licence. Some acts may even lead to revocation of licence. The authority grants licence when requirements are fulfilled.


Explosive Substances Approval

49 CFR 173.56 specifies the process which must be followed to obtain a DOT approval for the classification of explosives. All explosives must be examined and assigned a shipping description (proper... Read More
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