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RCC means Reinforced Cement Concrete. RCC wall, means reinforced wall. So Its wall which is made up of concrete and steel bars. Now a days RCC walls are most widely used because of its high resistance to seismic activities.


Cast in-situ RCC

A concrete material poured and a boundary wall is constructed on the site. It ensures visual privacy from the outsdie environment, roads and also provide asthetic appearance. Read More
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Decorative Concrete Fence Wall

Commercial Fence Walls built from traditional block and concrete are generally functional, but not necessarily attractive. Our walls are highly decorative and are designed to have textured pattern ... Read More
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patterned (jaali) Precast Panel wall

Compound wall allows private properties to screen themselves from the road, in terms of visibility, dust and noise pollution. It is also necessary to shield the ground floor of the house from the s... Read More
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Plain Precast Panel Wall

A compound wall serves to demarcate the site, protect one's property, ensure privacy and enhance aesthetic appeal.The most important reason for having a fence is securi... Read More
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