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Concrete Pavers

Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement, or rigid pavement as it is sometimes called, refers to the rigid concrete layer of the pavement structure that is in direct contact with the traffic.


Dumbbell-shaped concrete pavers

Concrete Pavers are an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications, including surface coverings for driveways, parking lots, promenades, sidewalks, pool decks, patios, streets, go... Read More
₹ 40/Sqft
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Grass block pavers

Grass block pavers reduce stormwater runoff, one of the biggest sources of water pollution. And because they absorb water, grass block pavers slow down the water that races over the pavement in a r... Read More
₹ 54/Sqft
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Interlocking concrete pavers

 Interlocking concrete pavers are a sensible and aesthetically attractive choice for all outdoor surfaces. On both vehicular and pedestrian applications pavers have a non-skid surface even when the... Read More
₹ 40/Sqft
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Square-shaped concrete pavers

Square shaped concrete Pavers is an easy addition to a patio or pathway. It is also great for step stones in a garden or for a walkway. Outdoor patios combine the best of interior comforts with nat... Read More
₹ 55/Sqft
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Zig-zag concrete pavers

Zig Zag Pavers Interlocking pavers form a continuous, hard wearing surface overlay; engineered elegance, both economical and appealing. Versatile Zig-Zag pavers are available in a variety of colors... Read More
₹ 42/Sqft
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