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Rubber Pavers

The applications of asphalt rubber which is ground from tires and blended with paving grade asphalt for use in pavement layers and chip seals were discussed. Benefits of using asphalt rubber include reduced reflective cracking, traffic noise, design thickness, life cycle costs, increased fatigue life and resistance to rutting.


Dumbbell-shaped rubber pavers

Rubber pavers are known for their ease and simplicity. Clicking in together like puzzle pieces, they are truly one of the easiest flooring options on the market. Dumbbell-shaped rubber pavers are s... Read More
₹ 45/Sqft
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Grass rubber paver

A major benefit of rubber grass pavers is that they allow the drainage of stormwater back into the underground soil. Grass and turf pavers are environmentally friendly, for the stormwater runoff is... Read More
₹ 34/Sqft
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Interlocking rubber pavers

The interlocking and patented design is ideal for resurfacing or new project applications. The interlocking design allows for simple and quick installation. The thickness provides the required dura... Read More
₹ 35/Sqft
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Square shaped rubber pavers

According to the EPA, recycled rubber landscaping products often perform better and require less maintenance than traditional materials. Other citing benefits such as slip resistance, shock absorpt... Read More
₹ 35/Sqft
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Zig-zag rubber pavers

Rubber Pavers are designed to provide a softer and more slip resistant alternative to stone or concrete paving tiles. Rubber Pavers are designed to provide a softer and more slip resistant alternat... Read More
₹ 22/Sqft
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