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Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are stones that are used to build flat, easily accessible surfaces for walkways, patios, driveways, and pool decks. Stone pavers (sometimes called "paving stones") usually come in squares or rectangle.


Bluestone pavers

Bluestone pavers are a versatile natural stone. They can be applied to many residential and commercial building applications. They are a perfect choice for the outdoors due to their durability and ... Read More
₹ 65/Sqft
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Cobblestone pavers

The new cobblestone is a permeable system with the enviable appearance of a centuries worn paver. Cobble Stone paver has an open spacer joint design, making it ideal for use in stormwater runoff pe... Read More
₹ 35/Sqft
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Flagstone Pavers

Flagstones are largely flat, loose pieces of stone commonly used for outdoor paving projects such as patios, pool decks, stairways & driveways. They are irregular in shape and vary in thickness... Read More
₹ 54/Sqft
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Granite Stone pavers

Granite natural stone flooring pavers is all volcanic stones that have formed and hardened over millions of years. Granite paver products are extremely dense and hard-wearing, enabling them to be u... Read More
₹ 65/Sqft
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Sand stone pavers

Indian Sandstone is probably the most popular and well-known type of natural stone paving. Available in a range of colors and sizes, Indian Sandstone is an affordable natural stone solution that wi... Read More
₹ 65/Sqft
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