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Travertine Pavers

Travertine pavers are usually more textured and filled with little holes or grooves. Travertine is a highly durable, natural type of limestone that has long been used in construction. Travertine pavers are smaller, brick-sized pieces that are cut from large travertine slabs. And today, the pavers are widely used in landscape design for patios, pool decks, retaining walls and stone pathways.


Adelaide pavers

Adelaide pavers' earthy tones add natural character and distinction to any paving project and can be mixed to form interesting design statements. Beautiful, strong, striking and versatile; pavers p... Read More
₹ 251/Sqft
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Light travertine pavers

Light Travertine pavers and tiles have a soft and smooth finish. Travertine absorbs more water than any other paving material. The light color shades of Travertine are 20-30% cooler than ot... Read More
₹ 300/Sqft
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