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Metal is commonly used for non-structural, rain-screen cladding systems, where the priority is to provide protection from the elements as well as a striking external finish. Thanks to its fold-able, malleable nature, metal panels can be connected together and attached to a building in a wide variety of ways, each system offering different benefits in terms of construction complexity and aesthetic finish.



  FLATLOCK / Flexible panel sizes 140 mm to 540 mm / Up to 4000 mm long panels / Recessed Flatlock can be nominated for larger express joins / All dimensions are material and transport dependant... Read More
₹ 230/Sqft ₹260/Sqft    11% off
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A well-designed façade system provides a relatively unobtrusive method of achieving building security by properly planning and treating the openings as opposed to the conventional system of bars an... Read More
₹ 1200/Sqft ₹1500/Sqft    20% off
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An interlocking system offers up a smoother appearance with dramatic, express joints. Interlocking metal cladding panels can vary in width, and can be detailed to run horizontally, vertically or ev... Read More
₹ 160/Sqft ₹200/Sqft    20% off
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Roof shingles are a roof covering consisting of individual overlapping elements. These elements are typically flat, rectangular shapes laid in courses from the bottom edge of the roof up, with each... Read More
₹ 120/Sqft ₹160/Sqft    25% off
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A simpler alternative to standing seam, snaplock displays a similar ribbed profile but does not require specialist closing equipment to install it. Snaplock panels are designed to “snap” together, ... Read More
₹ 625/Sqft ₹670/Sqft    6% off
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Standing seam

One of the most recognizable systems, standing seam cladding is characterized by robust folded connections between each panel. Its concealed fixing details allow for sleek architectural exteriors, ... Read More
₹ 550/Sqft ₹600/Sqft    8% off
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