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Swimming Pool Equipments

Swimming pool equipment are used to make swimming or activity easier. Swimming Pool Filters, Pumps, Cleaners are used for automatic adjustment of water.


Multigrade Pressure Sand Filter

Certikin make pressure sand filter made from F.R.P Capacity:15.3 cubic meter/hr.  Diameter of vessel : 650 mm Height of Vessel : 1080 mm Valve type : Multi port selector type Valve s... Read More
₹ 57000/PIECE ₹64500/PIECE    11% off
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Pool Hose

With this arrangement, water from the pump pushes up through the sand, dislodging the dirt and debris. At the top of the filter tank, the dirty water flows out through the inlet pipe and into the s... Read More
₹ 5500/PIECE ₹6000/PIECE    8% off
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PVC Multiport Valve

Multiport Valve For Filters are constructed by the latest engineering technology. The improvement of flow ability provides an ultra-pure water filtration. The multiport valve for filters include th... Read More
₹ 2000/PIECE ₹2500/PIECE    20% off
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Raw Water Pump

Pump 2 HP, 220V/50hz, Single Phase, 2" Flange,IP*5 Waterproof standard, Ring Lovk Design, SS 316 Shaft & mechanical seal with Hair strainer. Read More
₹ 5500/PIECE ₹7500/PIECE    26% off
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Swimming Pool Equipments

Swimming pool tiles, Swimming pool base fitting, etc.   Read More
₹ Upon Enquiry
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Swimming Pools Valve

In a pool plumbing system, there are pipes that bring water from the pool (suction pipes), and one or more pipes that take water back to the pool (return pipes). Pool valves are used to control the... Read More
₹ 1800/PIECE ₹2000/PIECE    10% off
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