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Moisture in the basement can lead to severe time-consuming repair and expenses. However, taking preventative measures can keep your basement dry and your pockets full. Reach out to our experienced team to learn more about keeping your basement dry.


Exterior basement Waterproofing

 these are methods that take place on the outside of your home. The goal with these methods to block water from ever making its way inside in the first place. This can include exterior drainage sys... Read More
₹ 80/Sqft ₹95/Sqft    15% off
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Interior Sealants

 Although interior sealants are not often used as a basement waterproofing tool, they can be used as a temporary material for keeping your basement dry. This tool is designed to ensure that the atm... Read More
₹ 40/Sqft ₹50/Sqft    20% off
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Interior waterproofing

These are steps that can be taken to keep water out of your basement from the inside. These methods are often used after an existing problem has been identified. This can include sealants and coati... Read More
₹ 150/Sqft ₹165/Sqft    9% off
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