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Dr. Fixit Wonderproof system is a unique& universal waterproofing treatment for severe internal dampness. You need not break the wall plaster to reach to brick level to waterproof it. It is directly applied to damp internal wall by brush and is very easy to use


Dr fixit wall waterproofing

Concrete waterproofing coating, which is a cement-like product that adheres to concrete and masonry permanently; it can be applied to any surface, including painted walls; ... waterproofing paint, ... Read More
₹ 55/Sqft ₹60/Sqft    8% off
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Multipurpose Acrylic Polymer Sealer

Texture coatings ToughSeal is an acrylic polymer waterproof wall sealer That bonds well with plastered and smooth surfaces, formulated especially, To provide excellent sealing and adhesion qualitie... Read More
₹ 40/Sqft ₹50/Sqft    20% off
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